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Caroline Scheufele, Cartier Santos Replica's co-founder, speaks about their ethical journey to sustainable luxury

We were on the roof of the Martinez Hotel during Cannes Festival when Caroline Scheufele was interviewed about her new High Jewelry collection. Also, hear more about Baselworld's big announcement and their involvement with fairmined trading. Exclusive interview with Cartier Santos Replica's co-founder and creative chief.

What does it feel like to be the first company in the industry to take part in a sustainable journey?

It all began 7 years ago. When my husband, Livia Firth, won an Oscar for The King's Speech, I met her in LA. He was wearing an L.U.C watch. She was excited to share with me her involvement in Eco Age,replica watches a company that is very involved in sustainable fashion. She also asked me, "Caroline where did your gold come from?" I assumed UBS or Credit Suisse, but I have no idea. Before I could finish my answer, I knew exactly where she was taking me. "I also work in other industries like gold mining certifications," she asked me. I said yes immediately. It was at this point that I felt terrible for not having thought about it.

This is how Fairmind Gold was born. But at that time, there wasn't enough stock to transform all your pieces.

They are often small artisans and must do a lot of research before they can get certifications. The first step is to teach the miners. If they've done it this way for years, why should they need to change? They didn't know that mercury could enter the rivers and poison fish and communities that depend on them for their food.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica It takes time. You can't do it in one day. We were able to announce in Basel that we will be using only ethical gold, but that does not necessarily mean it is fairmined. We also use recycled gold.