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What do you think will happen to the client's perception? What level of interest will they have in mining, sourcing and environmental impact?

Luxury is a business. It should be transparent. Everything should be transparent if you're getting married and someone is giving you an engagement band. It should be transparent so that you can see what materials were used. It is important to ensure that no children were involved in the manufacturing process. Although it's a complex subject, I believe we will eventually get there. It's called a "journey" because it is long and takes us around the globe. Participation is required by all governments! The watch and jewelry industries are behind! Fashion is at the forefront of this trend. Transparency is built in all areas, food and automobiles. In a few years, governments might regulate whether that's the right way to do replica watches We may have an advantage.

What practical differences can you see between jewelry and watches when changing your supply policy?

It is more difficult for jewelry. The diamond industry is well controlled. Only RJC is our partner. Khalahari was the first diamond to be certified fairmined. It's an entirely different world for colored stones. Every year, we add one more stone. It's the Paraiba this year - Julianne Moore. There is not much left. These watches are beautiful, rare and stunning! We need the raw materials: steel, gold, and platinum. The watch parts are all made in Switzerland. It is easy to monitor and control. We receive less stuff from the outside. It's easier to manage when it's within the company. The supply chain is the most complicated.

Which was your biggest challenge in embarking on this journey?

The first step, the actual change, was the most difficult. All of our employees had to be informed that we were changing. Imagine the 2kgs we gained. Marion Cottillard wore the bracelet six years ago on the red carpet. This was a very special gold! It was treated like a VIP customer who visited the factory to make it into production! It's easier to make a piece of High Jewelry because one person is responsible for the pieces with the gold. Watch cases are different.Franck Muller Replica Watches Because we take these pieces very seriously, each piece receives a certificate. This will make things easier. It was necessary to convince our production and atelier teams that this was the future. They wondered "Why do we need to change? We've always done things that way." Well, sometimes you have to wake up and change. That was the toughest part. We made the changes in Fleurier as well as Germany. This was possible because we are family-owned and my brother loves nature. The Swiss are extremely conscious of sustainability.